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Ranui Hof

Enjoy a short trip back into the past and be enchanted by the old myths and tales of incidents that took place around the Jenner family’s former hunting residence.

The Ranuihof is one of the oldest farms in the Villnöss Valley. It was mentioned as “hof ze Rumenuye und wise heizzet Tschuval” in the rent roll of Berthold von Gufidaun in 1370, and the name Ranui derives from this. It is probable that Ranui was initially a dairy farm belonging to the Lords of Gufidaun, which can be assumed from the fact that it is mentioned in the Gufidaun’s inventory. In 1665 the Ranuihof was acquired by the Klausen craftsman, landlord of the Bären (Bear) Inn and merchant, Michael Jenner (1637-1723).

Jenner converted the Ranuihof into a small hunting lodge by adding a tower to the summer residence. The Jenner family proved to be good hosts when festivities were held after the hunt. The Ranuihof remained in the possession of Michael von Jenner’s family for 109 years until his granddaughter Barbara von Mayerl, née Jenner von Seebegg und Vergutz sold it to Anton Runggatscher (formerly Widmann und Hurbacher zu Albions) in 1744. The Ranuihof has remained in the Runggatscher family until the present day, being handed down over 10 generations and 260 years.

The Frescoes

In 1682 Michael Jenner had frescoes painted in the hallway on the first floor depicting hunting and kitchen scenes. Comprehensive restoration work was carried out in 1983 by the present owner with the help of the Munich Messerschmitt Foundation, led by Dr. Hans Heinrich von Srbik, and with the support of the South Tyrolean Regional Monuments Office.

On both sides of the hallway on the first floor, doors open into 8 rooms, of which 5 are let to guests. This is where Michael Jenner once accommodated his hunting friends.

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The Parlour

Our beautiful parlour was repainted 100 years ago and the painter must have fancied himself as something of a rhymester. On a pillar by the oven in Gothic lettering he wrote:

“Im Kalten Winter bleib dahinter, Im warmen Sommer, schaug gar nit ummer”, which means “In the cold of the winter stay behind, in the heat of the summer don’t call in at all”. On the front of the pillar it says: “Diese Stub ist hergestellt 1845 im Jahr der Welt” – “This parlour was completed in the year of the world 1845”.


Ranuihof today


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